Benefits of Social Media Marketing for retail store


9 out of 10 Social Media users reach out to retailers.

Affordable Social Media management is your secret weapon.

83% of consumers believe recommendations from family and friends are the most credible form of advertising Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Report.

Currently, consumers are online, on their phones, and using social media. It is also expected that their favourite brands will do the same.  In order to succeed in social marketing, retailers must provide exceptional customer service, engage with Millennials and Gen Z, and create exceptional customer experiences.  Retailers must engage in social media now and establish a strong social media presence because research indicates that customer experiences will soon overtake price as the decision-making factor with which brand consumers do business.

According to this report today Canada has 25 million social media users and 35.32 million internet users – both up year-on-year.

If they want recommendations, where do they turn?

Facebook is the source used by more than half of consumers (51%). In addition to the 1 in 4 consumers who use Instagram, 35% of millennials do so as well.

This is why you must develop a social media strategy for your retail business that allows shoppers to find and shop with you.

Social media strategies are critical for increasing sales in-store and online, establishing your brand, establishing relationships with customers, and increasing revenue share.

Here are six business benefits of using social media for the retail industry;


Social media is a great way to introduce people to a brand. This is probably the easiest benefit of social media marketing. 78 percent of small businesses gain new customers through social media.

Bad social media marketing can delegitimize a brand as well. In the event that a new customer visits a business’s social media page and finds no new updates since a couple of months ago, that customer may assume the business is no longer active. Customers may conclude that the company provides poor customer service if they request help in the comments and are ignored.


Content marketing distribution systems should include social media. Referral traffic to the web is largely generated by social media. People are always seeking content that interests them online and sharing it with others.

Business owners who want to gain customers by using content marketing need to promote that content on social media. The engagement and reach that businesses can achieve when they share content are among the most important benefits of social commerce. Your regular presence in your follower’s updates provides a powerful chance to build brand recognition. People who have regular contact with a company are more likely to recommend that company.


Customer service is another benefit of social media that is often overlooked. Many people read reviews or testimonials before signing up for a service or product. It is necessary for a business to handle issues using the consumer’s preferred communication method, whether that be a dedicated service department, a phone number, or an email address. Businesses should ensure they can assist customers using social media by providing the ability to use social media. It is also important to establish a brand. Responding to customer service requests is one of the top concerns of consumers when shopping online. It is important to have the assurance that help is easily accessible when a problem arises. Business owners who respond to customers’ needs are more likely to retain them as customers.


Traditional media are less effective at driving traffic to your website than social media. You can gain a lot of business visitors from them and convert them into leads. You can drive traffic to your website by posting ads on social media. 

You can get readers for your blog or website as soon as you publish a new post by publishing it on your social channels.
Keep in mind that your content speaks volumes about your brand, so make sure your blog posts, case studies, and infographics go above and beyond to promote social sharing.

Your business will benefit from social media marketing only if it’s done correctly. Developing a solid plan and investing your time, money, and effort is more than worth it for those in social management!

The use of social media in your marketing plan is an important and necessary part, but getting started can be challenging. Launching, maintaining, and growing your social media presence can be overwhelming.

Your business may fall within these ranges, however, and so you now know that the best pricing for social media marketing depends entirely on the services and strategies each firm offers. If you’re ready to explore some low-cost and affordable services for your business, check our offers.

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